Maker’s Story

I first started my career in the solar and wind power industry where I learned to appreciate the aesthetics of mixing modern and natural things together, perfectly south facing solar panels spreads over acres of land and the towering wind turbines along the edges of hills. Some people don’t like such disruptions, but I see them as an unique design element to the scenery.
Then my career took a turn to build software for the electricity industry. This time, I got to learn about the “small” world, the electronics and software. From the rounded corner focused silhouette that draws people to touch the products more, to placement of mostly-used buttons on the bottom half of your phone for easy clicks, I think good products share many similarities, in silence.

Now, I want to realize some of my thoughts through the wood based products. I hope you will feel a sense of calm when you set your sight on or use our products.

  • Garage Studio

    This is my garage where I design & make the products

  • Raw Wood

    This is wood that I source from a local mill 20 minutes away, Centuy Mill Lumber.

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  • Food Grade Finishing

    This is the brand of natural food grade finishing I use on our products so you know it is safe