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Wooden magnetic knife holder | Wall mounted magnetic knife rack | Magnetic strip | Magnetic knife holder

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Wall mounted wooden magnetic knife holder. This is a beautiful and useful addition to your kitchen environment.

This wooden knife holder is made of local wood and made here in Toronto, Canada.

Here are the highlighted features:
- Dark walnut wood and features a clean and premium black leather design
- Strong magnets hidden inside the walnut wood will securely hold knives of all sizes, as well as scissors, bottle openers and any other metal utensils.
- Finished with 100% natural and food-safe oil and wax

- Length: 30, 40, 50 cm | ~12, 16, 20 inch
- Depth: 5.5 cm | ~2.5 inch
- Thickness: 2 cm | ~3/4 inch

Shipping & Delivery:
- Free delivery

Due to the nature of wood, with its varying grains and colors, no two pieces will look exactly the same.

Return Policy:
Free Return within 30 days 

Some Common Questions Answered

Shipping Time

We ship the orders out within 1-3 days from your ordering day. And shipping takes a) 2-3 business days for Canada; b) 3-5 business days for the US; c) 5-12 business days for Europe, South America, and other regions.

Return Policy

We are confident with our products and you can return the product to me within 30 days after receiving. Shipping cost on us as well.

Food Safety

Yes, the wood choices here are natural hard wood, not plywood or other “man-made wood” you see in furniture. And the finishing on the wood are food grade as well.